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Kentucky Spook Light

I don't know if you have any interest in my experience with spook lights. I never knew what they were called. I have told people about it, but no one has heard of a similar experience. It sounds so absurd compared to a ghost sighting, but it has unnerved me for years.

It was actually a flame and I did not just happen to see it. I was not in a "spooky" frame of mind, but in fact was watching Monty Python when I was overcome by a creepy feeling which would not let go even after I went to bed and tried to shake it from my mind. It caused me to get up and go to a hall window to look and a flame was "standing" about 10'  from me, just off the ground. It was like it was staring at me, letting me take a good look until I could comprehend that it been calling me.

Then it went out very quickly and popped up several feet away and continued this, but with increasing speed.

More happened and I would like to share it with someone who knows of similar cases. It's such a ridiculous story and hard to grasp how odd and frightening it was unless you have had the experience.

My father dismissed it as some kind of natural phenomenon. As I said, it sounds absurd unless you have experienced something similar. This happened 30 years ago, but remains quite clear in my mind.

It was indeed a flame, like a butane lighter, but slightly larger. I was close enough to it that there was no mistaking it. I had not been drinking or asleep. I don't know that much about magnetic fields, but this occurred at my home outside Louisville, KY. I was 16 or 17. I plan to visit my old neighbors and meet the new owners of the property. I will ask them if they have encountered any flames at the risk of looking like a fruit loop.

But I trust my perception. It drew me to it. I fought my feeling, tried to go to sleep and still I got up and knew where to look. I had a definite sense it was communicating with me against my will and waited for me to grasp that fact before it started going out and popping up in another location. Seeing a ghost would scare the shit out of me, but at least it would be a "normal" supernatural experience instead of some kind of queer fairyland thing.

My first reaction was to turn on all the outside lights. Then, in the most unlikely piece of it, I slowly opened a side door in the mud room which had no windows. I remember thinking I was doing something that I considered too unlikely in horror films: the teenage girl opening a door to potential danger. But, anyway, that's what I did. I think I thought it would calm me down to look at a different part of the yard and not see it. Maybe I could dismiss it then. I saw an outside light reflecting on the cars, but there was a different light as well, not a reflection. I wanted to think I was imagining it. I reached over to the light switch, turned it off. The reflections were gone instantly, but the flame remained a second longer before going out. Then I was really scared and woke up my parents. My stepmother became alarmed when she saw my state, but my father tromped outside, despite my pleas and announced there was nothing.

It was a long time ago and I can't prove this happened, but I know it did. I know this is a very long email and may not apply to your interests, but it felt good to get out, nonetheless.

Thanks, and good luck to you all with your research.






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