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What causes Earthlights? In fact, nobody knows. Although many theories have been offered, not enough data exist to test the theories. The purpose of the International Earthlight Alliance (IEA) is to carry out research and act as a forum for idea exchanges about the mysterious Earthlights. Only supporters can participate in this idea exchange.

IEA proposes a new way to conduct research. In order to solve the Earthlight mystery, IEA encourages public interest and involvement of students in scientific education and research. IEA educates by publishing scientific papers written by its own scientists as well as other scientists. Everyone can watch and enjoy the ongoing discovery process. But, only supporters can participate with IEA scientists, other supporters, and students collaborating to unravel the threads that may lead to solving the Earthlight mystery.

Joining IEA is like becoming part of a real-life mystery novel. You will be able to see updates and progress on this website as new data are acquired and discoveries are made. IEA scientists go on missions to investigate reports of Earthlights throughout the world. (IEA scientists have already gone on missions to investigate lights at exotic places such as Hessdalen Norway, Marfa Texas, Southern Arizona, Yakima WA, Mexico, and Australia). Sometimes pictures will be sent to the web in real-time when IEA scientists are on a mission. After the mission, IEA publishes more detailed reports of these exciting, and colorful, investigations on the web. You will be notified by email when these reports are posted so that your are the first to see them before the public is aware of them. You can be an “armchair scientist” merely watching, or can you can participate by sending comments and ideas.

Your contributions enable important IEA Earthlight research, education, and missions. You will help attract interest to science and solve a long-standing scientific mystery. Solving the mystery could potentially lead to a new way to produce energy and/or light. It will add to knowledge about geophysics and understanding of Nature. It will increase awareness of our precious environment.

Join IEA! You will receive many significant benefits.
  • Advance knowledge and information
    • Be the first to know!! Keep up to date with special emails about the latest Earthlight discoveries before the public knows they’re on the web.
    • Receive supporter-only newsletters (published sporadically)
    • Follow step by step as discoveries are made
    • Receive supporter-only e-mail notifications linking you to new reports and new information, Earthlight pictures etc.
    • Receive special notification during IEA missions if real-time pictures are posted to the web
  • Access to Supporters Only web pages
    • Learn how to do your own observations and research.
    • View a detailed Earthlight Instruction Field manual that shows you step by step how to do your own Earthlight observation and research
    • Access to lists of equipment to use for various levels of research ranging from hobby to serious investigation.
    • Learn more about science because you will have access to supporter-only pages on the IEA web site
  • Feedback and Communication
    • Comment on scientific papers, new theories, etc.
    • Comment on mysterious lights under investigation
    • Vote for your favorite earthlight mechanisms
    • Comments will be made through the Supporters Only web pages. The public will not be able to make comments or contribute ideas
  • Discounts and freebies
    • Red level supporters (and above) receive a free gift
  • Acknowledgement
    • With your permission, your name will be acknowledged on the contributors and supporters page
  • Special events
    • Invitation to attend IEA Conferences and special events (2005)
    • Invitation to a possible field trip and demonstration (2005)
Any contribution is welcome. The minimum to become a supporter is $25 per year. Your generous gift will determine your supporter Category.

For a limited time, we will offer a special Charter Membership. The membership will cost $25 for one year (with one extra month added). Charter members will receive all the benefits of membership for this special introductory price. To join, complete the application below, then you will be prompted to click to make a payment via PayPal.

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Supporter Membership Levels:
Level Contribution Incentive gifts
Charter $25
Red $50 Red LED mini flashlight
Orange $100 UV LED mini flashlight
Yellow $250 “Earthlight” magnetic pin
Green $500 “Earthlight” earrings
Blue $1000 Choice of 2 above
Violet $2000 Choice of 3 above
Ultra Violet $5,000 Invited on field trip
Senior (age 65+) $10
Student $5 or volunteer*
*Volunteer: Must be member-- Assists researchers/staff

Confidentiality policy

Tax Deductibility: IEA was incorporated in February 2004. IEA is applying for non-profit status, a process that may take 3-6 months. Contributions to IEA will be tax exempt retroactively when 501 (c) (3) non-profit status is granted.

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