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Hessdalen, Norway Hessdalen is a 15 km long valley located 120 km south of Trondheim city, in the middle of Norway. There was a three year long outbreak of earthlight sightings there, starting in December of 1981 . Many pictures were taken during that period. The lights attracted much media interest, so Hessdalen became known world-wide. Many people went to Hessdalen to observe the lights. Twenty-eight well-known scientists from 8 countries attended a conference there to attempt to solve the mystery of the Hessdalen Phenomenon.
Arendal, Norway Arendal is a town located in southern Norway. There was a fourteen day outbreak of earthlights there in November of 1981. The duration of the Arendal outbreak was short compared with Hessdalen outbreak. Luckily, an observer took photographs during this period.
Real-time camera, Hessdalen, Norway This is a link to IEA co-founder, Professor Erling Strand's real time camera in Norway. This camera overlooks the Hessdalen Valley where there was an outbreak of earthlights in the early 80's. Light activity in this remote valley (2 degrees south of the Arctic circle) has significantly diminished since the 80's. However there are still a few sightings.
Marfa, Texas Marfa Texas is one of the most celebrated earthlight areas in the United States. Sightings go back to before times when white man settled in the area. The Texas Department of Transportation has erected a special viewing area between Marfa and Alpine Texas so that tourists can stop to view the lights. However, one must be careful in assuming they saw a genuine Marfa light. The viewing area is full of bogus lights. Most of the sightings are car headlights on a road that traverses a nearby mountain range. The flatland (Mitchell flats) is also laced with jeep roads and ranch roads. BUT, in this mix of bogus lights, there are some real ones. The following is a video documentry about the Marfa Lights.






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