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Aboriginal legends worldwide describe lights that mysteriously appear over the ground. The ancients explained the lights in the only terms they knew, superstitious, religious, and supernatural descriptions. Reports of lights go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Descriptions of encounters with lights may even exist in the Bible.

Although today’s anomaly may be tomorrow’s technology, modern day science has ignored this fascinating phenomenon for several reasons-- mainly because there is great confusion over the facts about, and observations of, Earthlights. Very little genuine scientific effort has been made to attempt to understand the phenomenon because of the lack of physical data and objective facts about Earthlights, and the superstitious and even supernatural ways in which eyewitnesses have described their remarkable encounters. It has only been in the last few decades that a few pioneering scientists and engineers armed with 35mm cameras, high speed film, and video cameras have been able to capture Earthlight images. A few scientists and engineers such as Erling Strand, Marsha Adams, and David Akers, have recorded physical data such as magnetic and electromagnetic readings during documented Earthlight appearances, validating their physical existence.

In addition to the aura of folklore that surrounds Earthlights, there have been several other impediments that have discouraged serious researchers. One such impediment to scientific exploration of Earthlights is, leading edge and pioneering topics seem irresistible to skeptics who gain notoriety by expressing negative points of view via mass media. Another impediment to Earthlight research is that even good scientists are tempted to mistakenly accept a plausible explanation as the only cause of Earthlights. They assume that the plausible explanation applies to all observations explaining every case of the phenomenon.

Several theories (link to theories) have been offered to explain Earthlights that may correctly describe some of the observations; swamp gas, nighttime mirages, car headlights, stars, and reflections have all been offered as explanations. Accepting an actual or plausible explanation as the only explanation may be misleading however. Lights observed at sites where Earthlights occur, such as Marfa, Texas, always arise from a variety of natural and manmade causes, and hence have multiple explanations.(link to Marfa Texas Earthlights) Multiple causes of lights in an area, demonstrates the need for careful discrimination when observing and analyzing Earthlight data.

It is IEA’s experience that light observations have been recorded that cannot be accounted for by any of the proposed explanations. The unaccountable lights are the ones of interest to the International Earthlight Alliance. Our task is to discriminate between artifact lights, manmade or natural, then thoroughly research these remaining unexplained lights.

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